At Riegel Financial, clarity reduces wondering, freeing your mind and time for other important things

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Our Promise

At Riegel, we help people wonder less about their finances so they can focus more on other important things. We help replace confusion with clarity. So you can replace wondering and worrying with, well, almost anything. Wouldn’t you rather wonder less and wander more?

With finances, when people don’t know where they stand they wonder. At Riegel Financial, we promise to help you know where you stand, then chart a course to and through retirement. Our promise is simple: less wondering, more wandering.

The Riegel Relationship

We’ve believed for more than 50 years in building deep, enduring relationships. It’s why many of our client relationships extend over several generations in a family. Our clients tend to be partners who tell us their whole story, want to listen to advice and can give you some control over their complicated financial ecosystems.

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Photo of Raymond James headquarters

At Raymond James, our vision is to be a financial services firm as unique as the people we serve, transforming lives, businesses and communities through the power of personal relationships and professional advice.

We do this by focusing on living our values:

  • We put clients first. If we do what’s right for clients, the firm will do well and we’ll all benefit.
  • We act with integrity. We put others above self, and what’s right above what’s easy. We believe doing well and doing good aren’t mutually exclusive. 
  • We think long term. We act responsibly, taking a conservative approach that translates into a strong, stable firm for clients, advisors, associates and shareholders.
  • We value independence. We respect autonomy, celebrate individuality and welcome diverse perspectives, while encouraging collaboration and innovation.

By the Numbers

  • Founded in 1962; public since 1983
  • Approximately $1.45 trillion in client assets
  • RJF shareholders’ equity of $10.9 billion
  • More than two times required regulatory capital
  • 145 quarters of consecutive profitability*
  • Approximately 8,800 financial advisors
  • Equity research coverage of more than 1,100 companies

*Past performance is not indicative of future results. The information provide is for informational purposes only and is not a solicitation to buy or sell Raymond James Financial Stock.

As of: 3/31/2024

The Riegel Roadmap

Our approach is embodied in the Riegel Roadmap: a unique planning process that helps you know where you stand so you can move forward with your plans. When you know where you stand, it can give you the power to pursue your passions.

When you have a relationship with Riegel Financial, you’ll replace wondering with wonderful.